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The ISO Claims Outcome Advisor® (COATM) suite can help you streamline your claim settlement operations by increasing claim handler productivity while paying accurate settlements faster.

Are your claims costing you too much? From inaccurate and inconsistent claim settlements and litigious solicitors to unnecessary overheads to support manual operations, insurers in jurisdictions that compensate for pain and suffering (also known as ‘general damages’) for motor, employers’ liability, or public liability claims may have opportunities to reduce expenses significantly.

The ISO Claims Outcome Advisor suite of products provides claims departments the tools you need to:

  • evaluate bodily injury quickly
  • compare a particular claim to similar cases in your company’s historical record
  • settle claims faster and more accurately relative to past payments
  • analyse performance and trends using advanced dashboard features

In the end, ISO Claims Outcome Advisor can help take points off your combined ratio and support profitable growth.

Follow the links below to learn more about ISO Claims Outcome Advisor:

ISO Claims Outcome Advisor (COA)
COA is our core solution that compensators and claimant representatives can use to identify the effects of an accident and compare a claim to similar cases to ascertain an appropriate settlement amount. Find out more  

MoJ Claims Integration
To accelerate the handling of smaller motor claims (£1,000 to £25,000), ISO Claims Outcome Advisor offers an application-to-application (A2A) interface for Ministry of Justice (MoJ) claims. The MoJ A2A system retains a complete, easily accessible record of all MoJ activity in the interactive Management Information Dashboard. Find out more  

Case in Point
This service uses powerful algorithms to identify claims similar to the one you are handling in order to gauge appropriate, consistent settlement amounts. The findings can provide additional evidence of a claim’s value based on historical settlements. When paired with the MoJ component, Case in Point uses analytical rules for a wide range of factors to suggest a settlement amount less likely to lead to litigation. Find out more  

This service automates the settlement of low-value personal injury claims among claimants, representatives, and compensators by importing the medical details from certain medical report systems, obtaining the claimant offer, and evaluating the offer against your settlement history and agreed compensation criteria. Find out more  

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