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General Insurance Underwriting

Data, analytics and software for home, motor and commercial underwriting, perils risk modelling, quote enrichment, and premium analysis. Underwriting is becoming more complex and customer expectations are changing rapidly. Are you making informed and timely decisions about underwriting, pricing, and product development?

Home Insurance

London Townhome

Home Insurance

Quantifying the risks of any given residential property at a profitable price point can be challenging, especially when you don’t have the right data to back it up.

Our suite of underwriting tools and data sets provide granular and accurate insight into the risk associated with any building and the people who live there, along with previous claims information and relevant perils exposure at a postcode or address level.

Commercial Insurance

City Of London

Commercial Insurance

Whether providing cover for small and medium-sized enterprises or larger businesses, underwriting commercial property is becoming increasingly competitive and the data requirements more complex.

Verisk provides underwriters with highly accurate and innovative solutions that capture the risks associated not only with commercial buildings and their associated perils exposure, but their business activities, other site addresses, management competency, credit scores, and other financial data.

Motor Insurance

London Highway At Rush Hour

Motor Insurance

Changing trends and demands along with a lack of reliable data in the motor insurance space can make underwriting and pricing in this space relatively difficult.

Our suite of motor solutions provides insurers with key vehicle and driver information, safety features, current usage and car history, customer-specific data, claims history, and risk scores for bodily injury and other perils.

Data Insight Hub

Data Insights Hub

Data Insight Hub

Data enrichment adds considerable value to the accuracy and competitiveness of insurance pricing. However, having to rely on multiple providers and systems can be challenging.

The Data Insight Hub is an ever-evolving source of insurance datasets and analytics accessible at the point of quote or for product development. It reduces the time spent prefilling property and motor fields during the quotation process, and can easily procure and incorporate any new, emerging datasets to greatly enhance an underwriter’s capabilities.

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