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Assess the medical risk presented by pre-existing conditions

The exclusion of pre-existing medical conditions from insurance policies is still standard practice in most countries and across many product lines. However, with increasing competition and regulation has come pressure to underwrite more inclusively.

How can insurers quickly and accurately obtain the information they need to assess the risk presented by individuals with pre-existing conditions? Verisk can help.

Why Verisk's Black Box?


Why Verisk's Black Box?

We have worked with insurers to automate the assessment of pre-existing conditions since 2000. In 2018, Verisk’s Travel Black Box was responsible for the successful completion of more than 21 million risk assessments. The integration of our software into the workflows of insurers, brokers, distributors, banks and price comparison websites has established the Black Box as a leading solution in the marketplace.

Inform underwriting decisions with Verisk's Black Box solutions

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Inform underwriting decisions with Verisk's Black Box solutions

Verisk’s Black Box solutions have been designed to assess the level of medical risk presented by pre-existing conditions. With a simple integration of our automated medical underwriting tool into point of sale systems, insurers can transform their processes. Instant results are generated following the completion of a simple, intuitive declaration of a customer’s medical conditions.

The Black Box customer experience is simple

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