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Property Estimating Business Consulting Services

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It’s good to have the most powerful claims tools in the industry. It’s even better when they’re fine-tuned to your business. Verisk business consulting is the foremost authority for implementing practises that maximise the effectiveness of the Verisk suite of tools. We can enhance your estimating workflow to significantly improve your cycle time.

Consulting results

A mid-tier insurance carrier saved $25M in one year.

"After sending the consulting team's recommendations to our 350 adjusters, we reduced our overall claim expenses by $25M, and we shortened our cycle times to match industry benchmarks."

– Mid-tier insurer

A national insurer reduced cycle times by half.

"Verisk consulting was instrumental in helping educate our claims leadership and working with our LSS Blackbelt office in implementing changes. As a result, we've cut our cycle times in half and improved claim accuracy by 20%."

– National insurer

A regional insurer established their ability to ramp up and ramp down for catastrophes. 

“After consulting with Verisk, we are able to ramp up and ramp down quickly for catastrophes. With a new playbook in hand, we're well positioned for added growth."

– Regional insurer


Insurance Carriers


Verisk consults with insurers and all of their partners to create the expertise necessary to accomplish project goals.

At the onset of the partnership, our consultants will use interviews, ride-alongs, analytics, training, and more to gain understanding of pain points, processes, and goals. We then tune the consultation to achieve the successes that were set out at the project launch. Success criteria includes (but is not limited to):

  • Workflow optimisation
  • Workflow specific training
  • Data analytics on your estimating processes
  • Subject matter expert creation
  • Playbook/guideline development for consistent interactions with business partners
  • Product integration
  • Preference and profile configuration
  • Change management plans

Restoration and repair contractors

Restoration Contractor

Restoration and repair contractors

Contractors are vital to helping customers put their lives back together, but sometimes those contractors need specialized help. Verisk consulting can assist with bridging the gap. We can help with:

  • Product or process knowledge
  • Integration points with carriers or other parties
  • Construction management software integration
  • XactAnalysis reporting
  • Direct repair programme optimisation and review of service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Preference and profile configuration

Independent adjusting firms

Adjusting Firms

Independent adjusting firms

Independent adjusters and their firms benefit from consulting that focuses on streamlining workflows, improving business partner communication, and more effectively utilising the tools at their disposal. Consultation tracks for success include:

  • Playbooks for consistent interactions with carriers and other business partners
  • Workflow specific training
  • Project specific consultations
  • Preference and profile configurations
  • Integration points with insurers or other parties

Meet the team

Chris Petersen

Meet Chris Petersen

Chris Petersen is the director and principal consultant with the Verisk business consulting services team. Chris has spent the last 16 years at Verisk serving a variety of clients in the insurance services and construction industry within the US, Canada, UK, Europe, and Australia. Prior to joining Verisk, Chris served six honourable years in the US ARMY Airborne Signal Corps.

Cary Peterman

Meet Cary Peterman

Cary Peterman is a senior business consultant with the Verisk business consulting services team. He partners with clients to assist with process improvement, technology integration, and data analytics. With 18 years handling insurance claims, estimating, training, and supervising—with multiple designations and certifications—Cary brings insight to all sides of claims issues.

John Britt

Meet John Britt

John Britt is a business consultant with the Verisk business consulting services team. He holds an MBA from Michigan State University as well as several insurance-related designations, and has more than a decade of experience handling claims of all sizes and managing adjusters. John is responsible for achieving client successes through workflow and process optimisation, product integration, and data analytics.

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