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Pricing Data Services: Independently Researched and Rigorously Localised

A current, local pricing database

Localized Pricing Database

A current, local pricing database

We research and report on pricing data from a variety of sources to ensure that no one party or industry has any undue influence on the pricing data we provide. Our Pricing Data Service Team reports cost information based on actual prices and transactions (completed bids) that have occurred recently in your area.

Our pricing sources include:

  • Restoration and repair contractors
  • Contractors
  • Insurance adjusters
  • Insurance companies
  • Market surveys
  • Retailers
  • Subcontractors
  • Suppliers

Our research methodology

We rigorously collect, carefully analyse, and consistently share the results of our materials and labour pricing research.

We analyse thousands of market price points each year from multiple, third-party sources.

  • Hundreds of in-field estimates submitted through Verisk every day (i.e., estimates used to settle claims)
  • Market surveys of industry professionals
  • Retail pricing research
  • Pricing feedback from in-field users
  • Customer-specific cost data
  • Additional research surveys
  • Multiple third party source for data, such as national insurance, UK taxes and employer burdens

All collected market research is organised so that data integrity checks can be conducted.

We perform proprietary cluster analysis on various subsets of gathered research to identify the mid-range market price points. This proprietary process was designed by Brigham Young University PhDs.

Market research results are published and made available to the public.