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Management Insight Score

Deeper insights into the businesses you insure for more accurate ratings

Not understanding the true nature of a business and how well it is managed can have huge consequences for commercial underwriters. What if you could access this information almost instantly?

Rate commercial liability risks with increased granularity and accuracy

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Rate commercial liability risks with increased granularity and accuracy

Management Insight Score is a score that ranks companies relative to their peers based on how well the business is managed. It captures many aspects of a company’s management such as its credit score, financials, directorship, and any past adverse events, which is then aggregated into a single score which underwriting teams can use to quantify commercial liability risks.

Fewer questions, less hassle

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Fewer questions, less hassle

Through access to high-quality external data sources, insurers can greatly reduce the time and effort involved in researching the businesses associated with a commercial lot, their activities, their financial health, and how well they are managed without the need to extend the underwriting question set.

Scored across industries and size of business

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Scored across industries and size of business

Where applicable, Verisk generates an industry score to compare companies with peers in their respective industries, or an industry and size score for when you need industry benchmarking further broken down by size: micro, small, medium, and large.

A wide range of applications

The score is served to the client via an API which can be used to inform underwriting decisions across a broad spectrum of risk including:

Commercial liability

  • Directors and officers
  • Professional indemnity
  • Employers liability
  • Product liability
  • Public liability

Financial loss products

  • Business interruption
  • Embezzlement
  • Cyber


  • Commercial property
  • Fleet insurance

Stay in the know

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Stay in the know

Management Insight Score is updated on a regular basis with new information reflected in the score each time it is recalibrated.

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