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Electric Vehicle Database

Unique and exclusive electric vehicle datasets for UK and Irish motor insurers, brokers, and MGAs

The motor insurance market is entering a brave new world with the increasing popularity of electric vehicles. But just how equipped are insurers to adapt to this evolving risk landscape?

Your top destination for understanding EV risk

Understanding Electric Vehicle Risk

Your top destination for understanding EV risk

Verisk’s Electric Vehicle Database provides over 175 unique technical attributes for existing models of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), available in different formats and via registration lookup. These attributes provide insurers with critical insights into the associated risk of each vehicle, giving them a competitive edge for both rating and predicting future claims

What risks are EVs prone to?

Electric Vehicle Risks

What risks are EVs prone to?

Electric vehicles have a very different risk profile to vehicles with internal combustion engines, with fewer but much more complex parts built in. Some examples of risk include:

  • Higher cost of repairs
  • Battery failure (fire)
  • Quarantine if a vehicle is in an accident
  • Damage to charging cables and charging points
  • Roadside assistance costs for recharging
  • Rapid acceleration and no engine noise

Over 175 unique technical EV attributes captured

Ev Attributes

Get ahead of the competition with exclusive EV data

We have a special arrangement with our data partner where the datasets available for the UK and Ireland are exclusive to Verisk and our customers.

Available on the Data Insight Hub

Data Insight Hub

Available on the Data Insight Hub

All of the electric vehicle datasets can be appended to a customer’s policy book as a batch or accessed through Verisk’s Data Insight Hub, a continuously expanding source of insurance data and analytics accessible at any part of the customer journey, including the point of quote.

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