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Data Insight Hub

Real-time data adds considerable value to the accuracy and competitiveness of insurance pricing and can improve the customer journey. However, having to rely on multiple providers and systems can be challenging to manage. What if you had access to a variety of high-quality, real-time data services in one place?

Harness the power of data enrichment

Harness The Power Of Data

Harness the power of data enrichment

The Data Insight Hub provides an ever-evolving source of insurance datasets and analytics accessible at any part of the customer journey, including the point of quote. It reduces the time spent prefilling property and motor fields during the quotation process, and can easily procure and incorporate any new, emerging datasets to greatly enhance an underwriter’s capabilities.

Easy access to a wide variety of data in one convenient place

Having multiple providers of data can make building insurance products difficult, especially without being able to access the same data at the point of quote. With the Data Insight Hub, all necessary data assets can be accessed in one place, saving a lot of time and effort.

The Performance to match any channel

Data Performance

The Performance to match any channel

In personal lines, price comparison sites generate a high volume of transactions. In commercial lines, multiple properties or vehicles per policy can generate a lot of data. The Data Insight Hub has been built to cater for both high transaction levels and high data volumes. This ensures that your data feed is not constrained by search speed.

Robust data assets across personal and commercial lines

More efficient underwriting decisions

With an advanced decision engine built in, the hub can take data returned and turn it into bespoke calculations, scores, or flags that are specific to each customer. These calculated attributes can be easily consumed by quote engines or be used to personalise the customer journey.

A continuously expanding resource

Expanding Data

A continuously expanding resource

Verisk has designed the Data Insight Hub with performance, availability, and agility in mind. It is quick and easy to add new data sources to the hub, and clients can host their own data, update it, and search for it in real-time.

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