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ContentsTrack: From packout to packback, perfect your inventorying

Contents pack out inventory software


ContentsTrack Overview

Contents pack out inventory software

ContentsTrack is the multi-platform solution for contents pack out and pack back. Use it to quickly record, categorise, and track personal property that needs to be stored, cleaned, or replaced after a property loss.

Increase your inventorying efficiency

Scan And Track Bardcodes

Increase your inventorying efficiency

With tools to scan and track barcodes, you can know the exact location and status of items in your care. You and your team can work faster and smarter while maintaining a full chain of custody. When they ask about a lamp, in seconds you can tell them that it’s currently at the cleaning station.

Eliminate duplicate data entry

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Eliminate duplicate data entry

When you inventory with ContentsTrack, just a tap will send your work to Xactimate or XactContents, where Verisk’s extensive pricing data can help you quickly estimate cleaning and replacement costs, as well as purchase replacement items through our network of merchant partners.

You can also export your inventory list to an adjuster via email and avoid entering the data twice.

Build inventories faster using object recognition


ContentsTrack Object Recognition

Build inventories faster using object recognition

ContentsTrack harnesses Vai artificial intelligence to visually identify personal contents items, saving you time and effort in looking up specific item codes.

Features for faster, better contents management

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Do more with the Verisk ecosystem

Xactimate Contentstrack

Xactimate + ContentsTrack

Use the camera on your phone to digitally build, price, and track your entire inventory.

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Claimxperience Contentstrack

ClaimXperience + ContentsTrack

Share your cleaning inventory with the adjuster or policyholder and give them a window into the process.

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XactContents + ContentsTrack

Send replacement inventory to the adjuster.

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