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Opening up a world of address-level data

Address-level data brings a whole new level of granularity to risk assessment and leads to much more accurate and competitive pricing. How can you unlock its potential?

Postcode data is good, but we can do better

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Postcode data is good, but we can do better

While postcode-level data has been used by the insurance industry for decades and can provide valuable insights into a particular location, not every address within a postcode area will have the same level of risk. For major insurance perils such as flood, theft, or fire, as well as individual property details, an insurer’s ability to measure risk and price accurately is vastly improved by having access to address-level data.

Find any address, anywhere

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Find any address, anywhere

AddressIt is a dataset containing almost 30 million addressable properties in the UK, a critical tool for making use of address-level risk models and ensuring your addresses are accurate. It provides you with rich contextual information and identifiers including:

  • Building name/number
  • Street name
  • Town
  • Postcode
  • Eastings and northings
  • Latitude and longitude
  • Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN)
  • Unique Delivery Point Reference Number (UDPRN)
  • Property classification (private address, small or large commercial user)

Pinpoint accuracy using the best available data

AddressIt pinpoints addresses using UPRN, a unique numerical identifier created by Ordnance Survey for every spatial address, and UDPRN, Royal Mail’s unique referencing data of every delivery point in the Post Code Address File (PAF). The identifiers ensure you are always using the latest available data as properties are often subject to change, and it can be difficult to locate addresses within multiple-occupancy buildings such as a block of flats, mixed-use properties, and commercial buildings.

An unmatched address matching service

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An unmatched address matching service

Verisk also offers an address matching service to complement AddressIt, which links address-level data from multiple sources without the pain of matching address strings. Address matching, also known as geocoding, is the process of pairing a physical location with address records to ensure you have the most accurate and precise information.

Users can send over any raw address string, which may be incomplete or split into the incorrect components. We then standardise that string with what we’ve identified as the correct address and components, and then provide a confidence score on the strength of the match.

Enhance your insurance pricing with increased granularity

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Enhance your insurance pricing with increased granularity

AddressIt is available at the point of quote and can be easily integrated into a variety of insurance products and services to improve the accuracy of your pricing. It can also be used to access address-level risk models and quote enrichment tools, such as those hosted on Verisk’s Data Insight Hub and Location Matters.

More than just insurance

While AddressIt and Verisk’s address matching service are predominantly targeted at the insurance industry, the tools have a wide range of applications for logistics companies, surveyors, estate agents, and more. Any business that needs accurate address data and geocoding can benefit from using AddressIt.

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