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Property and Land-Use Insights for Sustainability

A unique, comprehensive national property database

Understanding the characteristics of the UK building stock is critical for meeting national and legally binding Net Zero targets, and to support Green Finance initiatives and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting.

Improve your decision-making

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Improve your decision-making

Verisk provides valuable insights to inform a range of decisions such as targeting customers for renewable energy incentives or developing strategies for improving housing stock. Verisk has a wealth of experience supplying land and property data to financial, property management, commercial, and research organisations working in these areas.

Our unique, comprehensive national database allows you to access information about individual houses and buildings or entire property portfolios, or to analyse large areas.

Heating homes and buildings accounts for more than 30% of the UK’s carbon emissions, according to the Energy Systems Catapult (ESC).

Detailed building information for Great Britain

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Detailed building information for Great Britain

Our national database includes detailed information on building locations and 3D footprints, height, building use, and residential type classifications. We include characteristics for:

  • UK housing stock by age
  • UK housing stock by type
  • UK commercial property by age and use
  • Location of buildings
  • Size and height of buildings
  • Building footprints
  • Presence of a basement
  • Construction materials and roof characteristics of properties

Achieve your energy aims and targets

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Achieve your energy aims and targets

The dataset has been used extensively to facilitate the delivery of energy efficiency measures for residential and commercial buildings in both local and national government projects. For instance, it has informed models that predict long-term energy use across local authorities and has been a vital quantitative input to the Scotland Heat Map.

Verisk’s property data can enable organisations to understand potential financial impacts of energy efficiency legislation, identify and assess potential opportunities for retrofitting, and maximise conversion rates for these measures.

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Discover how Verisk’s land use and property insights can improve your decision-making, save costs, and boost efficiency.

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Students and academics

Access our data for academic or research purposes

Verisk's Property and Land-Use Data is now freely available to those who require it for academic purposes via EDINA's Digimap portal - the University of Edinburgh's map and data delivery service.

Digimap is free at the point of use for staff and students at subscribing higher and further education institutions and research councils.