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Improve profitability and growth in UK insurance markets

Verisk is a leading source of information about insurance risk. To serve our clients, we draw upon our vast experience in data management and predictive modelling. We analyse data and convert information into practical tools that customers can use to make better decisions around risk.

Verisk operates through units that offer risk-assessment services and decision analytics to insurance professionals in many disciplines throughout personal lines, commercial lines, and the London market.

Verisk Insurance Conference London 2023

Verisk Vision

Mark your calendars for the Verisk Insurance Conference London 2023
6 September 2023
Convene at 22 Bishopsgate
London, UK

Visualise: Insights for the UK Insurance Market

Ethical Implications Teaser

The ethical implications of automating high level claims processing

AI and process automation in claims can administer appropriate responses to resolve both high and low-level claims

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Electrical Vehicle Database

Is a lack of electric vehicle data holding UK motor insurers back?

As EVs continue to be an increasingly common sight on UK roads, data will be crucial in understanding this evolving motor risk landscape.

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Uk Insurance Firms Teaser

Getting to grips with post-Whiplash Reforms claims

Getting to grips with post-Whiplash Reforms claims: The current state of play for UK insurance firms growth of its customer base.

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