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3D Visual Intelligence: UKMap

UKMap – London Land and Property Insights

UKMap provides the most comprehensive and highly detailed view of London buildings, land use and land cover available.  Created and maintained by 3D Visual Intelligence, UKMap data is widely used by London authorities, consultancies, planners, architects, and mapping organisations.

UKMap is used to identify areas with specific characteristics and inform decision making and strategy with detailed London insights.

Where does UKMap cover?

Geomniuk Ukmaps Block2

Where does UKMap cover?

UKMap is available for the whole of the London urban area, defined as the area within the M25 orbital motorway. 

What content do you get with UKMap?

City Street Light

What content do you get with UKMap?

​UKMap is a seamless spatial database describing the landscape and land-use of London. It includes details of commercial and residential properties and their use, detailed land-use and land-cover, points of interest, addresses, the road layout, terrain and surface models, imagery, and more. The detailed building footprints available within the product are particularly suited to 3D applications, recognising where roof height changes and how floors differ by use.

The detailed land-use classification identifies specific locations and land cover to support the analysis of infrastructure and open spaces. Pavement and other street-related information are mapped, allowing mobility and accessibility to be investigated. 




Designed to link to other data and applications, UKMap includes links to Unique Property Reference Numbers (UPRN) and Unique Street Reference Numbers (USRN), so land and property characteristics can be added to addresses and street references to simplify and speed decision making.

Access and delivery

Access And Delivery

Access and delivery

UKMap data is available via download in standard mapping and GIS formats and web mapping services (WMS, WMTS). Small areas can be purchased online on the UKMapStore.

Subsets of the data are available as address lists or street references. For GIS users, display characteristics and standard style files are provided.

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Students and academics

Access our data for academic or research purposes

3D Visual Intelligence data is now freely available, to those who require it for academic purposes, via EDINA's Digimap portal - the University of Edinburgh's map and data delivery service.

Digimap is free at the point of use for staff and students at subscribing higher and further education institutions and research councils.