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3D Visual Intelligence: UKLand

UKLand - National Land Use Database

UKLand is a spatial database created and maintained by 3D Visual Intelligence, detailing land use data across the whole of the United Kingdom. This national land use database is designed to help users gain an understanding of an area, whether that is whole regions or a smaller more specific area. UKLand offers a comprehensive and consistent view of the use of the land across the UK. 

The database, comprising 27 classes, is used for regional analysis and planning by Government, Planners, Developers, and Property companies to improve planning and decision making. If you are searching for specific categories of land, for example, retail parks, or large areas of industrial land away from urban areas, UKLand can help.

A version of the database is also used to plan and develop wireless radio networks for Telecom companies and mobile network operators. Delivered as a Telecoms Clutter database, the data can be used within standard radio planning and optimisation software.

Where does UKLand cover?

Ukland Coverage

Where does UKLand cover?

UKLand is available for the whole of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

What content do you get with UKLand?

Content With Uk Land

What content do you get with UKLand?

The national land-use database includes a basic, high-level land data classification (man-made, natural, agricultural or water) and a more detailed set of 27 classes. These are made up of the following:

  • Natural areas (sand dunes, rockscapes, heath and moorland ....) 
  • A range of agricultural types (mainly crops, mixed-use, vineyards, glasshouses …)
  • Woodlands (Deciduous, Coniferous, Mixed …)
  • Built environments. (A range of urban densities, Business Parks, Industrial, Retail Parks …)

Access and delivery

Access And Delivery

Access and delivery

UKLand is available via download in standard mapping and GIS formats. For GIS users, display characteristics and standard style files are provided.

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Students and academics

Access our data for academic or research purposes

Verisk's Property and Land-Use Data is now freely available to those who require it for academic purposes via EDINA's Digimap portal - the University of Edinburgh's map and data delivery service.

Digimap is free at the point of use for staff and students at subscribing higher and further education institutions and research councils.