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3D Visual Intelligence: UKBuildings

UKBuildings – National Property Database

UKBuildings is a unique spatial property database of building characteristics created by 3D Visual Intelligence. Discover detailed information about individual buildings and gain a greater understanding of the character of an area. If you need to know the age, use, height, residential type, number of floors, location, structural detail, or area of a building, UKBuildings can help.

The core UKBuildings product has been created from the observation of aerial imagery and published open data ensuring that all buildings, both residential and non-residential, even those without addresses, are classified.

Where does UKBuildings cover?

Geomni Ukbuildings

Where does UKBuildings cover?

UKBuildings is available for the whole of Great Britain and the Belfast urban area in Northern Ireland. Our database includes detailed information on building locations and 3D footprints, height, building use, and residential type classifications. The most detailed information is available in more than 500 urban areas.

What content do you get with UKBuildings?

Uk Aerial Imagery

What content do you get with UKBuildings?

Whether they are residential, commercial or even derelict, buildings can be complex. They are often split by ownership, use or age, and can have one or many addresses associated with them. The UKBuildings property mapping database supports such complexity while remaining accessible.

Properties are classified by age, use and residential type with additional structural information such as footprint (area), height, and number of elements (for complex buildings). Property characteristics such as the presence of a basement, roof, wall, floor, and substructure types are included together with the number of rooms for residential properties.


Uk Townhomes


Our UKBuildings property mapping database is designed to link seamlessly with third-party databases to simplify integration into business systems. The product integrates with third-party datasets, and relevant identifiers are included, such as Unique Property Reference Numbers (UPRN) and Topographic Identifiers (TOID).

Access and delivery

Access And Delivery

Access and delivery

UKBuildings is available via an API or download, either as a spatial database (in standard GIS formats) or an address list. For GIS users, display characteristics and standard style files are provided to highlight specific attributes including building age, use, and the number of floors.

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Students and academics

Access our data for academic or research purposes

3D Visual Intelligence data is now freely available, to those who require it for academic purposes, via EDINA's Digimap portal - the University of Edinburgh's map and data delivery service.

Digimap is free at the point of use for staff and students at subscribing higher and further education institutions and research councils.