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Geomni UK Summer News

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While some of the usual summer sporting events like Wimbledon, The Open, Cricket and the Euros have proceeded almost as normal, the pandemic and the extremes of weather we are seeing around the world, mean that this will not be a typical summer for most of us.

Throughout the last 18 months we have continued to strive to deliver the Verisk Way to Serve, Add Value and Innovate to our customers. Our products are continuing to evolve and develop to meet customer requirements and we will be sharing news about forthcoming editions shortly.

Given the recent relaxation of restrictions we are starting to return to our office and meet face to face which has been very rewarding. We are looking forward to attending some of the in-person events that are being planned for later in the year. We are mindful though that not everyone will want, or be able, to travel so are also planning online events. There are further details of these and an exciting new series of webinars below. 

As part of a major international group, it is fascinating to see the different challenges that our colleagues face around the world and how they are delivering solutions and planning strategically for the future. Verisk help customers manage risk. To help support this Verisk have published a range of resources and information about some of the most significant issues facing the world. You can find more details in this newsletter.

We wish everyone a healthy and restful summer and look forward to continuing to support our customers and partners.

Tom Timms

Managing Director

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With the easing of COVID-19 restrictions on the 19th of last month going ahead as planned, it is beginning to look like we may soon be able to attend industry events in-person. The Geomni team look forward to connecting with you, either virtually or physically, at one or some of the events listed below.

For more information about the events that Geomni will be attending head to the events and webinar web page by clicking on the button below.


Even though many restrictions in the UK have been lifted, we understand some people may hesitate to attend industry events where there are likely to be high volume crowds. The Geomni team of experts will be presenting two webinars in September which will give an opportunity for our clients to connect with us virtually.

For more information about the content of these webinars and what you can expect to get out of attending please visit the events and webinars page.

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Geomni blog

In the newsletter we sent out at the start of this year we mentioned a new look blog that we would be adding to our website. The blog has now been live for over 6 months and in that time has enabled us to share with you exciting news, projects, product announcements, case studies, articles, press releases and more.

The team of experts here at Geomni have published a wide range of insightful blog posts covering topics such as:

  • Why understanding land-use is important
  • The future of address datasets for Great Britain
  • How Geomni would go about answering ‘how many tall buildings are there in London?’
  • The critical role of buildings in achieving net zero

And much more…

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News from elsewhere in the company

Our parent company, Verisk, is a global insurance company that helps businesses and communities faced with risk every day. Verisk works to understand the true nature of risk and develop tools and methods to help manage it. They help organisations make critical decisions that affect millions of lives and tens of thousands of businesses around the world—all while remaining focused on people, economies, and the planet.

A recent resource published by Verisk looks at the top risks that people, property, businesses and supply chains are facing as a whole. The report identifies climate change, energy transition, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and COVID-19 as the top risks we are faced with in the current climate and gives insight into the long term consequences these cause.