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Geomni UK November News

October and November are traditionally a time for conferences and events. This year has been a bit different so it was good to participate in AGI GeoCom2020 last week with the opportunity to both listen to interesting talks but also meet delegates and network.

To help brighten up the darker evenings, if you haven’t done so, I would recommend looking at the Twitter #30DayMapChallenge running through November. It really highlights the accessibility of geospatial data and information, and amazing creativity.

This newsletter focuses on one of our areas of expertise, land-use which has always been a key part of our product range. There is more detail on our national land-use product UKLand and information about our educational land-use webinar on Wednesday.

Screen Shot 2022 01 12 At 2


Recently Google have updated their map styles to highlight land-use. When we look at a topographic map, we often infer land-use. So, when there are many buildings in an area, we make assumptions about that area, and if there is no detail mapped, we might assume the land is agricultural or open.

What if we need to analyse an area, or understand or compare the characteristics of different areas? That can be difficult without land-use data. Our UKLand product is a national database of land-use which classifies land into more than 20 classes. It has been used by planners, consultants, utilities and government to plan and assess the characteristics of areas and make informed decisions.

The team of experts at Geomni UK will be running a webinar focused on land-use information which you can register for here.

Please visit the UKLand page for more details.

Screen Shot 2022 01 12 At 2Verisk certified as a Great Place to Work

“The workplace, even when we’re remote, is where we spend much of our time, so it needs to be an excellent and meaningful experience.”

We are delighted that Verisk has received the Great Place to Work® Certification for the UK and has also been recognized by Great Place to Work UK as a centre for Excellence in Wellbeing. Companies earn the certification through an anonymous annual employee survey that measures behaviours that lead to a trusting environment and the ways in which credibility, respect, fairness, pride, and camaraderie are expressed in the workplace.

Uk Map Store

Have you tried UKMapStore yet?

UKMapStore really is the one-stop shop for all of your geospatial data needs. The site offers access to a wide range of geospatial and mapping data including unique access to Geomni data products.

From the most detailed mapping (Ordnance Survey MasterMap and UKMap), to building characteristics, land-use data, aerial photography, historical mapping and height data, all can be purchased and downloaded with just a few clicks.


Two episodes remaining in the Geomni UK Educational Webinar Series

In the final two webinars of our current Geomni UK educational webinar series we will be learning about the highly versatile and content rich land use database UKLand and highlighting how our unique Geomni Building and Land-use datasets are now accessible via web services and APIs. This allows our data to be integrated, seamlessly into your applications and services.

Next webinars in the series:

  • National land-use information at your fingertips – 10.30 AM Wed, Nov 25
  • Geomni web services and APIs – 10.30 AM Wed, Dec 9

For more information about our webinars, including how to register, please visit the events and webinars page.