Peter de Freitas

Peter de Freitas

Peter de Freitas is assistant vice president, ProMetrix, at Verisk Insurance Solutions.

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    It’s all relative

    It didn’t take long after we introduced the next generation of ProMetrix® reports, analytics, and our customer-facing delivery platform to start working on improvements. The feedback from customers has been overwhelmingly positive and very helpful. Internally, we addressed some issues related to the website platform to make it even more user-friendly. And we took a fresh […]

    Deep dive on ProMetrix: Next Generation

    Numbers are curious things. The overused business expression for seeing something from a high level is “a 30,000 foot view.” Professional divers, however, define a “deep dive” as anything from 60 to 100 feet below the surface of the water — a far smaller frame of reference. I guess it’s all relative, or perhaps directional. […]

    Engineering a loss cost for competitiveness

    If you’re an underwriter, you probably spend more time dealing with loss costs than you’d like. It can be frustrating because it’s a driver of your underwriting and pricing, but because it’s a filed instrument, you have limited options to improve it. Verisk spends a lot of time focusing on loss costs too. For decades […]

    The next generation of ProMetrix

    During my career, I’ve worked for some of the leading commercial property carriers in the industry. They varied, of course, in their activity and had different segment and distribution strategies, management objectives, appetite for growth, and so forth. But all of them, including our clients at Verisk Commercial Property, had the following business criteria in […]

    Committed to keeping our data current

    The ProMetrix® commercial property database of more than 3.5 million buildings is the crown jewel of Verisk Commercial Property’s services. It offers the details you need to make optimal underwriting decisions, and our ProMetrix customers know it’s an essential tool. We work diligently behind the scenes to provide insight to your decision making. Reliability, accuracy, […]

    Don’t miss the ProMetrix Next Generation web seminar

    For years, our ProMetrix® commercial property database — featuring more than 3.5 million commercial properties and about 6 million businesses in the United States — has helped countless insurance professionals better understand and manage commercial property risk. Now, I’m very excited to tell you that we’re developing the next generation of ProMetrix, and we know […]