John Cantwell

John Cantwell

John Cantwell, vice president, Auto Product Management, Verisk Insurance Solutions, is responsible for product management and branding strategy and leading the development and launch of innovative new products. Before joining Verisk, he was vice president of underwriting and product development at AIG Direct/21st Century Insurance.

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    Case study: Validating coverage for undisclosed drivers stems premium leakage

    Every insurance company faces the challenge of drivers — particularly youthful operators — who are not included on insurance policies. Economic conditions and changing family dynamics have made the problem even more pronounced. In this featured case study, a top ten insurer suspected that undisclosed youthful drivers were a primary cause of premium leakage. Realizing […]

    New Webinar Explores Impact of Undisclosed Drivers on Auto Insurance Premiums

    Every hour, 445 new driver’s licenses are issued, and many are to 16-year-olds. New drivers in the household are a leading source of premium leakage in the auto insurance industry. In total, unrecognized drivers of all types cost the insurance industry $6.3 billion annually, according to estimates by Verisk Insurance Solutions. Register for our Verisk […]

    New At-Fault Auto Insurance Requirements for California

    The California Department of Insurance (DOI) has provided updated information regarding its California Code of Regulations, 10 CCR § 2632.13(f)(2)(A). The DOI’s position is that insurers evaluating a driver with a previous claims history cannot rely on at-fault determinations in claims history reports unless they take specific steps. For insurers that provide required accident data […]

    Legal Interpretation Prohibits Sale of New York Vehicle Registration Reports

    The New York Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has interpreted state law as prohibiting the sale of New York vehicle registration information to insurers. The change will become effective on July 8, 2015. The New York DMV recently wrote: “New York Vehicle and Traffic law (VTL), Section 202(4), constrains the furnishing of records provided (pursuant […]

    Do you know the reputation of the devices conducting transactions with your business?

    Consumers are increasingly using more types of mobile and other Internet-enabled devices to shop for insurance. But the ease of doing business online creates increased risk for fraud. Cybercrime rings are highly organized and sophisticated. Now, new technology that takes advantage of the power of device reputation can help expose insurance fraud and save insurers […]

    Auto underwriting and risk management: Keeping track of changes to policyholder lives

    Every insurance policy captures a snapshot in time. Your underwriting and pricing decisions depend on the condition of the property (auto or home) or the status of the purchaser on a specific date. But circumstances that affect underwriting risk factors can change anytime — even just days after you write the policy. On average, every […]