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XactPRM: Property Management and Maintenance


The property management and maintenance pricing solution that has been providing precise data for over 10 years.

Win More Jobs

Win more jobs with current, local cost data

Reduce Time

Complete jobs up to 30% faster

Manage Jobs

View and communicate labor, material, removal, and installation breakdowns

How professionals involved at every level of property preservation and foreclosure repairs use XactPRM

Mortage Services

Property managers and asset owners

  • Automate bid approvals and streamline review processes
  • Track status of managed properties
  • Analyze and report trends in data
  • Enhance business processes
Field Service Providers

Property maintenance

  • Track status of managed properties
  • Analyze and report trends in data
  • Bids on jobs


  • Gather site information electronically
  • Store, update, and transmit information more efficiently

Streaming property management

Streamline The Management Of Reo Properties

Streaming property management

XactPRM makes it easier to efficiently manage real estate owned (REO) properties and maintenance with features like easy-to-use estimate templates, and 12,000+ line items. XactPRM is a great tool for stakeholders at every level, from asset owners and property managers to independent contractors and field service providers.

Save time with smart bidding technology

Smart Bidding

Save time with smart bidding technology

XactPRM helps you intuitively create and manage bids. As you work, the system learns your preferences automatically and optimizes to make future bids even faster. From one-click line-item entry to bid auditing that alerts you of potential errors, XactPRM gives you everything you need to complete bids up to 30% faster.

Reliable pricing data for where you bid

Reliable Pricing Data For Where You Bid

Reliable pricing data for where you bid

XactPRM provides you with a wide range of cost data for property preservation and repair:

  • Locally researched pricing regions across Canada
  • 12,000+ line-item database updated monthly
  • Millions of data points reviewed every month
  • Uniform terminology with detailed line-item descriptions

Learn how Verisk collects and maintains its pricing data.

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