Mark Sheehan

Mark Sheehan

Mark Sheehan, assistant vice president of ISO, is responsible for the ISO Rating Solutions division, which includes ISO Electronic Rating Content and ISO Circular Tracking Extract products.

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    Novarica report reveals insurers save significant time and money using ISO content in electronic format

    Novarica (a division of Novantas that conducts independent research) recently released a report showing that, by using ISO content in electronic format, insurers have realized on average: – a 39 percent reduction in overall work hours – a 58 percent decrease in work time for IT modifications – a 35 percent decrease in overall cost […]

    Algorithms and Other Enhancements Take the Struggle out of Automating

    We’ve posted many times about the complexity of automating insurance rating: how it’s time-consuming, error-prone, and diverts resources you could be using to focus on your own deviations. And we’ve posted about our solutions to help: ISO Rating Service® and ISO Electronic Rating Content. But did you know how far in advance we now deliver […]

    New Novarica Report Highlights Vendors Relationship with ISO

    Among the questions insurers should ask when choosing a rating system are whether the vendor has a formal business alliance with ISO and whether the provider offers a subscription service for maintaining ISO products, according to a report from industry analyst Novarica, as noted in Insurance Networking News. That question is critical, because remaining current with […]

    New ISO Circular Tracking Tool Receives Great Reviews

    We’ve been listening to our customers about the challenges they encounter in handling regulatory content — loss costs, rules, forms, statistical codes, and business edits. The process of managing some 4,000 circulars issued each year is too complex and cumbersome, customers have said, and they look to ISO for help. That’s why, in early June, […]

    New Tool on the Horizon to Help Track ISO Circulars

    At ISO, our customers have told us about the challenges they encounter in handling regulatory content — loss costs, rules, forms, statistical codes, and business edits. Insurers depend on ISO circulars to supply that information, and some find it difficult to update the rates and rules in their existing systems. The process of managing some […]

    How One Insurer Beat the Clock and Expanded Its Business

    In ISO’s just-released case study, “Forty-Six States in Two Months: How One Insurer Implemented ISO’s Commercial Auto Rating in Record Time,” an insurer tackles an opportunity to expand its business by partnering with a premier insurance agency. The new venture would complement the insurer’s existing truck business, but to capitalize on the opportunity, it needed […]