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Respond: Get Ahead of the Damage from Natural Disasters

Analyzing exposure to damaging hail and other perils

From major hurricanes to destructive hail, RespondTM predictive analytics provide insights from real-time weather data feeds to improve your operational performance and decision-making around weather risk assessment, severe weather event preparation, loss prevention, and disaster response and recovery.

Respond lets you visualize the effect of each peril in the context of local policies. When a storm occurs, the near real-time weather analytics are automatically fine-tuned based on radar, computer models, satellite imagery, and Verisk industry-wide claims data. They are then tailored to your needs and integrated into your workflow.

How it works

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Receive Respond data in near real time

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View in GIS software or Respond MAP

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Overlay policies in force for analytics

Respond’s precision analysis helps improve:

Determine if a weather event warrants a catastrophe response and quickly assess storm severity, the number of claims adjusters and third party adjusters needed, and at what locations they’re needed most.

Determine the accurate date of loss and whether a loss was part of a catastrophe event. Insurance companies have identified millions of dollars of additional catastrophe recoveries or classified losses using Respond.

Contact policy holders quickly after an event. Screen claims and identify potential fraud

Estimate affected policies within hours of an event and the volume of claims incurred but not reported.

Improve predictive modeling for claims volume and pace. Verisk's analysts can work with your team to use our proprietary algorithms and cross-industry data to predict the effect of a storm in the context of your book of business. We can provide expert interpretation and commentary on the analysis.

Catastrophe and non-catastrophe teams can quickly and accurately perform many functions:

Operational response

Lightning Storm

Operational response

  • Determine resource demands
  • Place staff in optimal locations
  • Match claim complexity with adjuster experience levels
  • Validate the date of loss of each claim
  • Achieve rapid and sustained improvement in operational processes and policyholder satisfaction

Financial reporting

Financial Reporting

Financial reporting

  • Increase the accuracy of early-stage bulk reserves
  • Analyze claims and improve catastrophe classification and recovery
  • Improve predictive modeling
  • Set aside reserves

Fraud management

Fraud Monitoring

Fraud management

  • Detect potentially fraudulent claims patterns quickly
  • Escalate claims earlier to SIU personnel when warranted

Utilizing Respond analytics

Policy Alerts

Policy impact alerts

Policy impact alerts that detail loss volume and coverages on your book of business by combining storm severity and policies in force. You can review the effect on residential and commercial properties from a variety of perils by various categories.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics to improve predictive modeling for claims volume and filing pace. Our proprietary algorithms use Verisk’s cross-industry data to predict the effect of a storm in the context of your book of business and portfolio.

Catastrophe Claims

Catastrophe claims

Catastrophe claims analysis to help you identify millions of dollars of classified losses or additional catastrophe treaty recoveries. Insurers can determine the most accurate date of loss related to hail, wind, and other storms and determine if a loss was part of a catastrophic event.

Visualizing weather data with Respond MAP

Metro Weather Reporting

Visualizing weather data with Respond MAP

Respond MAP is a web-based mapping and analytics platform that allows the user to visualize and get the most value out from Respond data in a simple and interactive interface.

  • Setting up a GIS system can be time consuming and expensive. Respond MAP is included and quickly integrates with Respond data.
  • Constantly downloading shape files into internal systems is time consuming and requires expensive storage and file management. The Respond MAP online platform allows users to make the most of always-current data.
  • The simple set up and low maintenance allows your teams to focus on other initiatives. There’s nothing to set up and no need for programming on the back end. Plus, Respond MAP is a single source for data and additional imagery—with no need for multiple software packages Visualize your Policies in Force.

Using Respond MAP


Visualize Map


As soon as you open Respond MAP, you can see how many of your policies have been impacted by severe weather.


Analyze Map


As soon as you open Respond MAP, you can see how many of your policies have been impacted by severe weather.


Confirm Map


Then upload claims information after an event, overlaid with respond weather data to determine the veracity of claims and protect your business from fraud .

How to buy

To get started with Respond, first reach out to us or call your rep to set up a demo.

From there, we'll help determine precisely what your needs are and tailor the product to fit right into your workflow, accounting for perils of interest, claims volume, and number of exposures.

Respond data is available shortly after all parties agree to the data deliverables.

Benchmark historical storm data

Historical Storm Data

Benchmark historical storm data

While Respond is a geospatial product focusing on visualizing weather data Benchmark® provides a detailed, location-specific storm report used to verify existing claims.

Do more with the Verisk ecosystem

Xactanalysis And Respond

XactAnalysis + Respond

XactAnalysis is a powerful toolset that helps claims and underwriting professionals catch errors, report on progress, and benchmark performance.

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Benchmark And Respond

Benchmark + Respond

Benchmark provides underwriting and claims teams with quick, accurate reports and maps for hail, wind, and lightning at each property of interest.

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