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ClaimXperience: Involve the Policyholder, Improve the Process

Want to improve customer experiences and loss adjustment expense in the process?


Involve the Policyholder, Work Together

Want to improve customer experiences and loss adjustment expense in the process?

Now claims professionals can truly collaborate with policyholders. Use ClaimXperience™ to master virtual claims adjusting to make customers happier and save on claims-handling costs.

Virtual is the new normal

State Auto Adopts Collaboration

Claimxperience Case Study

Customers want to be informed, heard, and part of the claims process. ClaimXperience helps you involve customers and fast track their claims.

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A unified portal for clear collaboration

Unified Portal Iphone

A unified portal for clear collaboration

Claims handling has many moving pieces. The ClaimXperience collaboration portal is a place for all claims participants to coordinate transparently, schedule work, capture and share files, and get notified throughout the life of a streamlined claim.

Build trust with video collaboration

Video Collaboration

Build trust with video collaboration

Real-time video collaboration lets you collect real-time video and photos to triage the claim using the policyholder’s mobile device. You can also use it to connect with contractors to verify work progress and completion.

Remote dimensioning that measures up


ClaimXperience Xpert Tip: Using the Live Measurement Tool

Remote dimensioning that measures up

When you're not on site, taking measurements can be tricky — especially if it involves policyholders and measuring tapes. The ClaimXperience measure tool makes it simple for policyholders to get precise measurements for your estimate.

No more digitizing mailed-in ALE receipts


Capture and Calculate Additional Living Expenses - ClaimXperience

No more digitizing mailed-in ALE receipts

ClaimXperience lets your customers upload receipts for additional living expense, painlessly calculate mileage, and enjoy full transparency into their claim in a single collaborative portal.

Damage assessment automation that streamlines the time to estimate


Damage Assessment Automation - ClaimXperience

Damage assessment automation that streamlines the time to estimate

Use the ClaimXperience damage assessment automation tool, powered by Vai, to build simple or complex forms for most claim types, involve the policyholder, and deliver estimates and itemized reports in seconds.

Image analytics warn you of potential fraud

Image Analytics

Image analytics warn you of potential fraud

Configure your instance and set up image analytics and automation, to analyze images, including metadata, and indicate where there are instances of possible fraudulent activity.

Explore features designed for more efficient claims handling

ClaimXperience is a feature-rich collaboration tool for claims professionals to involve policyholders more deeply in the claims process. And it's designed to help you increase customer satisfaction and reduce claims-handling costs.

Start a collaboration session directly from Xactimate or XactAnalysis and sync information to the claim file. ClaimXperience also integrates with ContentsTrack enabling pack-out professionals to send inventories to the adjuster.

Enable your policyholder to upload videos and photos of the loss on their own time. ClaimXperience speeds up the claims settlement and damage restoration process by connecting the entire claims team to relevant videos and photos. Once uploaded, claims team members can highlight, crop, invert color, and add text to photos.

ClaimXperience enables quick, easy-to-use messaging between everyone involved in the claims resolution process.

Speed up communication and increase transparency with the shared calendar tool. Use it to document work appointments throughout the claims process on a calendar that syncs to the personal calendars of your policyholders, claim representatives, and contractors.

Policyholders, adjusters, and third-party service providers can build personal property inventories directly in ClaimXperience. Inventory lists can then be shared with designated team members or exported directly to Xactimate and XactContents. ClaimXperience also integrates with ContentsTrack for pack-out professionals. 

Policyholders can share real-time satisfaction feedback throughout the claims process. The policyholder’s real-time satisfaction scores are visible within the portal’s dashboard, allowing you to keep an eye on whether your team is keeping your customer happy from First Notice of Loss (FNOL) to claim resolution.

Over half a dozen reports are available to help administrators learn how team members and policyholders are using and benefitting from ClaimXperience.

Create a customized survey to send to your policyholders after claims resolution. Like a Net Promoter Score (NPS), this survey will measure how everyone involved in your company is performing in terms of customer satisfaction and claims handling.

ClaimXperience offers a mobile-optimized, company branded version of the portal to match your company’s logo and color-theming.

In the “Services” tab of ClaimXperience, you can request RealTwiin aerial imagery and property characteristics, and you’ll receive up to six high-quality aerial exterior images of the property plus a full suite of structural characteristics.

How to get started

Create an account for free by ordering ClaimXperience through the online store. You will be invoiced only for collaborations that you initiate.

Support and learning resources


Support and learning resources

For account holders with a login, the ClaimXperience Training Library offers in-depth training on the claims collaboration platform.

Join the ClaimXperience mailing list and be notified of exciting new product features and important product announcements.

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