Mozart Form Composer

Bring harmony to your forms library

Mozart™ is a forms management tool and product development platform that enables you to easily research, create, and distribute insurance products, providing efficiencies in time to market—for both new products and critical coverage updates.

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Mozart is a centralized repository and library for both your proprietary policy forms and the ISO forms you license. Its superior search functionality—fueled by ISO proprietary smart tags—enables you to leverage a vast library of policy wording to develop, draft, and edit customized insurance contracts through our unique Microsoft Word add-in. Having speedy access to up-to-date, vetted policy language—along with a tool to identify instances where a change in policy wording may affect your own products— can help reduce compliance risk, increase your productivity, and streamline your form development process.

Become the conductor of your company’s forms management and development process.

Learn more about Mozart's product features

  • Search


    The Mozart smart search functionality makes your searches more efficient.

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  • Compose


    Develop new products and manage critical coverage updates.

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  • My Projects

    My Projects

    Help bring operational efficiency to your form creation workflow.

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  • Upload


    Centralize all your proprietary forms with the ISO forms that you license.

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  • Reports


    Reports that help with product rationalization and address business needs.

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