CatCube Catastrophe-History Database

Enhanced weather and catastrophe data analysis tool

CatCube® catastrophe-history database delivers online access to essential catastrophe information from Property Claim Services® (PCS®) — and lets you analyze and trend the data. CatCube is one of two aggregation tools from which you can upgrade your ISOnet® PCS core service at an additional cost. The catastrophe data goes back to 1950, giving you the broadest base of information to make better decisions about your capital.

You can use the catastrophe loss data — updated every week — to gauge the effects of historical events on current or potential incidents. CatCube gives investors, analysts, and financial and organizational stakeholders a powerful tool to analyze the effects of catastrophes in certain states and by storm type.

You can:

  • allocate capital and other resources
  • improve underwriting
  • streamline catastrophe planning
  • optimize your reinsurance purchases and other forms of risk transfer
  • plan for future risks

How it works

As a web-based application, CatCube gives you fast, easy access to the PCS database. It's a vital source of U.S. insured-loss evaluations for catastrophic events and provides a multidimensional approach to incident data analysis.

All you need as a PCS customer is a web browser and your ISOnet PCS password. Using Cognos® PowerPlay® business-intelligence database technology, CatCube lets you explore any combination of elements in the database and access the information by:

  • catastrophe serial number
  • year of occurrence
  • states affected
  • type of catastrophe (includes 11 categories)
  • amount of loss (estimated payment, average payment, number of claims, and total dollars)
  • type of estimate (preliminary, resurvey, or final)

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Easy to use

With CatCube, we work with you to develop customized report formats to meet your needs. Modify your reports to view different data in the same format, print your reports, or save them as PDF or comma-separated value files. User-friendly features include:

  • drill-down capability that provides extensive information on claims and payments
  • search attributes that allow you to perform multiple-year loss analyses
  • catastrophe event totals that reflect final PCS survey estimates
  • drag-and-drop functionality that makes report preparation easier

CatCube easily links to your ISOnet PCS core services, such as catastrophe bulletins and daily event reports. You'll find that helpful when researching the history of similar events.

Need more personalized, flexible analytic reporting?

If you need more specialized or customized reporting, consider our FlatCat® service as an option. It provides the same data as CatCube but with a more flexible and personalized delivery system. FlatCat is an encrypted flat-file database, and you must have the IT capabilities to incorporate it into your system.