March Madness and Workers’ Compensation

March Madness, that phenomenon that grips the national sports psyche, is now in its final stretch. Over the past few weeks, I’ve seen some incredible college basketball games. Even though I was out of the office pool a long time ago, I’ve still enjoyed watching some exciting upsets and great game-winning shots. But there’s more […]

What’s wrong with this picture?

I heard a story once that an advertising executive came up with the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” for an ad. But he felt he had to attribute it to “a Chinese proverb” so people would take it seriously. Whether that’s a true story or not, at Verisk, we do take it […]

Hooray for Hollywood?

It’s not often that our work with properties intersects with the glamour of Hollywood, but there’s one area where it occasionally does — automatic sprinkler systems. They’re commonly depicted in television shows and movies, usually in a highly dramatic way. But does Hollywood fiction intersect with sprinkler fact? As someone who knows sprinklers, I can […]

A conversation on perils, incidents, and risk assessment

Educators say humans learn through a combination of perception and memory using three different methods: visual, auditory, and experiential. Each of us learns through a mix of the three methods that suits us best. Every time we launch a new product or service at Verisk Insurance Solutions, we think about those three methods and how […]

It’s all relative

It didn’t take long after we introduced the next generation of ProMetrix® reports, analytics, and our customer-facing delivery platform to start working on improvements. The feedback from customers has been overwhelmingly positive and very helpful. Internally, we addressed some issues related to the website platform to make it even more user-friendly. And we took a fresh […]

When is a sprinkler not a sprinkler?

Automatic sprinkler systems are a curious thing. You’d think they’d be pretty straightforward — either a building has one, or it doesn’t. Either it works, or it doesn’t. Not too complicated, right? But there are other categories of sprinkler systems, too — like the ones that may or may not exist. And some may not […]