Carlos Martins

Carlos Martins

Carlos Martins, SCLA is Vice President and General Manager of ISO ClaimSearch Solutions. Carlos leads the operations of ISO ClaimSearch®, the property/casualty industry’s premier and only “all claims” database with over 900 million claim records and market participation of more than 90 percent of the property/casualty insurance industry. Carlos is also responsible for the surrounding ecosystem of integrated solutions for ISO ClaimSearch which includes claim scoring, predictive analytics, third-party data, and visualization tools. Carlos brings to this role – and all ISO ClaimSearch participants – more than 30 years of experience in the property/casualty industry, where he has held a wide range of claims and technology roles. He is based in Jersey City, New Jersey and can be reached via email or 201.469.3103.

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    Telematics Will Strongly Shape the Future of Insurance

    In a recent interview with Claims Journal, Dawn Mortimer, Verisk’s assistant vice president of IoT/Telematics Claims Product Management, discussed the trends and impact of telematics on the insurance industry. And, while many know telematics data can be used to price insurance and prompt driver behavior change, the Internet of Things (IoT) also presents opportunities beyond […]

    Search on the go! ISO ClaimSearch®
    Mobile App

    You rely on mobile tech at work and home, so now we’re developing mobile apps that will make claims-handling tasks faster, easier, and better. The first release of our ISO ClaimSearch® app will let you access Claims Inquiry on the go. Claims Inquiry searches the entire ISO ClaimSearch database of more than 1 billion claims. […]

    Got three minutes? Check out User

    We want to continually improve your experience with ISO ClaimSearch®. That’s why we’ve worked to put more control in your hands. Now you can administer ISO ClaimSearch users in your own company, and that’s going to cut the time to make changes down to just about three minutes. When you sign up for User Self-Administration, […]

    Does your claim operation look like easy prey to fraudsters?

    Organized fraud can target any company at any time, but some insurers are more vulnerable than others. How does your company measure up? Insurers with the weakest fraud detection are more likely to be targeted over insurers with strong fraud prevention programs. Do you know if your claim operation is slow to detect fraud, making […]

    Checking in with the ISO ClaimSearch Transformation

    The ISO ClaimSearch transformation is well on its way. Our goal is to create a system that will ultimately offer you a more intuitively designed and robust system. The new ISO ClaimSearch will bring you faster claim handling and superior claim data and insights.  We introduced the first system enhancements back in December 2014, including […]

    A new year, a new ISO ClaimSearch

    Back in December, ISO ClaimSearch began its exciting transformation. The system will ultimately offer a more intuitive design supported by a robust system to facilitate faster claim handling and deliver superior claim data and insights. We launched a new login page and procedure in December as a preview to the major updates to come. Expect […]