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Energy Transition:
Slowing Global Warming to 2 Degrees

At the present rate, the world could be 3 degrees warmer by 2030. But the Paris Agreement, a global environmental accord addressing climate change, aims to keep a global temperature rise well below 2 degrees.

To achieve this enormous task, the world must combine coronavirus recovery efforts with massive investments in renewable energy and clean infrastructure. Will the increase in electric vehicles and renewables be enough? Will Big Oil reinvent itself to survive? And what promises do technologies like carbon capture, use and storage, and green hydrogen hold? 

Discover what Verisk’s experts say about global energy demand, the future of the energy transition, and the technology that will shape it

Corona Virus Energy Transition

What the coronavirus means for the energy transition

COVID-19 caused one of the biggest shocks to energy demand in history. What effect will it have on achieving international goals for limiting the impact of climate change?

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What Forces Will Shape The Global Gas Market Over The Next Two Decades

What forces will shape the global gas markets over the next two decades?

Gas demand has proved resilient despite the impact of coronavirus. But will this resilience hold in the longer term?

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Big Oil New Energy And The Stock Market

Big Oil, new energy, and the stock market

There’s a green arms race underway, with companies positioning to be seen as part of the solution to climate change rather than the problem.

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Could Renewable Energy Be The Winner In The Oil Price War

Could renewable energy be the winner in the oil price war?

What are the long-term implications of the low price of oil? Could diversification into clean energies ensure the long-term survival of oil and gas companies?

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Natural Gas Friend Or Foe

Natural gas: friend or foe in the EU’s 2030 emissions target?

Green hydrogen has grabbed the limelight in the drive to decarbonize. But is there a role for natural gas in a post-coronavirus Europe?

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The Rise Of The Hydrogen Economy

The rise of the hydrogen economy

Green hydrogen—with three times the energy content of fossil fuels—could be critical in decarbonizing the global economy. But there are challenges to overcome.

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Verisk CEO Scott Stephenson discusses the energy transition


Will COVID-19 affect the energy transition?


What’s at stake for energy market players?


What’s the future of renewables?

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