Keeping Attackers at Bay

COVID-19 spurred a digital transformation and, with it, an increase in cyber attacks. Whether malicious, structural, or accidental, security breaches cause substantial losses for businesses of all types and sizes.

That’s why cyber insurance is now a more than $5 billion market and one of the insurance industry’s top growth areas. To minimize the risk of exposure, organizations must establish a solid cybersecurity foundation and remain diligent in finding and reinforcing digital vulnerabilities. 

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Three things to know about cryptocurrency and ransomware

Law enforcement officials are finding a “marked uptick in the frequency, sophistication, and destructiveness of ransomware attacks” nationwide, stemming in part from the growth of cryptocurrencies as a form of extortion payments.

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Asia Pacific

Understanding risks within Asia Pacific’s growing cyber insurance market

With the increase in cyberattacks, a lack of comprehensive cybersecurity policies, and changing data protection legislation, the cyber insurance space in the Asia Pacific region could see a surge in the coming years with organizations trying to understand the risk.

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Colonial Pipeline

Colonial Pipeline attack brings ransomware to the fore

Large numbers of claims that stem from a single cyberattack can easily mount up, especially when supply chains and critical infrastructure are targeted, as seen with the Colonial Pipeline.

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Cloud Infrastructure

Proactive cyber measures needed to tackle rising supply chain risks of cloud infrastructure

Insurance and organisation leaders need to be aware of the limitations of cloud vulnerability scanning: What can’t be scanned and why.


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Verisk CIO Nick Daffan discusses cyber vulnerability


As companies move to the cloud, are cyber risks increasing?


What role does company culture play in cybersecurity?


How is Verisk keeping its data assets secure?

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