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Climate Change:
A Complex Global Challenge

Mounting evidence shows the dangerous impact that the world’s current reliance on fossil fuels has on the climate and the resulting risks to people, property, and financial assets.

Without change, we risk a future of extreme climate events, such as tropical storms, blizzards, flooding, droughts, and wildfires, that are already increasing in intensity and frequency. As risks to individuals, insurers, businesses, and supply chains mount, it's critical to identify, understand, and act on climate-related threats. 

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The Mpact Of Climate Change On Hurricanes

The impact of climate change on hurricanes: stronger storms, more losses ?

Analysis of storm surge for New York, Miami, and Houston suggests that by 2050, sea level rise may increase storm surge losses by up to two times, with this number climbing when combined with increases in the number of major hurricanes.

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Record-breaking West Coast infernos put a fresh focus on wildfire risk

The staggering scope of wildfires on the west coast in 2020 exceeded 5 million acres with more fatalities, displaced residents, and destroyed properties across California, Oregon, and Washington.

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Climate Activism

Climate change activism goes mainstream

The energy sector is under the spotlight more than ever–and in the coming year, activists will look to build on the momentum from global protests and high-profile cases. 

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Three Ways To Slow Catastrophic Weather Events Hurricane

Insurers, policyholders should be prepared for late-season events

Since 2010, a total of 32 catastrophic weather events have occurred just in the month of October. With natural catastrophes such as hurricanes, floods, winter storms, and wildfires increasing in frequency and intensity, late-season events can still pose considerable risk.

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Is Climate Change To Blame For Floods In China

Is climate change to blame for the floods in China?

While heavy rains in China occur annually in late spring to early summer, are changes in large-scale climate factors amplifying monsoons and extending the season?

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Major Emitters Prioritize Economic Recovery Over Climate Change

Major emitters prioritize economic recovery over climate action

As the pandemic forces governments to provide economic stimulus, the crisis presents an opportunity to put economies on track for the energy transition.

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Verisk CEO Scott Stephenson discusses climate change


Will climate change impact the insurance industry?


Will COVID-19 advance countries’ climate change efforts?


Will pollution return to pre-COVID-19 levels?

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