On the horizon: Daunting challenges and extraordinary opportunities

Verisk leveraged proprietary data, company subject matter experts, and third-party resources to develop a list of the most pressing risks that businesses and consumers will face over the next decade.


Throughout history, we’ve relied on data to better understand the world around us. In the prehistoric era, notched bones were used to track trade, allowing our ancestors to predict how long food supplies would last. As the ability to collect and analyze data grew more sophisticated, ancient societies tackled more complex issues, such as predicting weather patterns and the path of communicable diseases.

Today, the fundamental insight represented by those notched bones remains true: By recording large amounts of information, we can identify patterns and relationships that give us an invaluable window into probable future outcomes. The advanced data science, analytic expertise, and computing power now available make those outcomes more nuanced and trustworthy than ever before. It’s also important to acknowledge that the picture they paint can be alarming: Climate data signals an epochal shift in weather patterns; rapid technological advancements pose unintended consequences; and a revolution in the use of plastics is poised to inundate the world with garbage.

This unprecedented foresight demands responsible leadership. For nearly 50 years, Verisk has answered this call by delivering data and meaningful analysis to help businesses and communities prepare for emerging threats, creating resilience and opportunity through shared knowledge.

I invite you to explore our team’s timely insights on some of the most compelling risks on the horizon and to learn more about what the global community can do to ensure a prosperous and secure future.

Scott G. Stephenson
President, Chairman, and CEO
Verisk Analytics