Verisk Retail

Turning data into insight and insight into results

Verisk Retail is a leading provider of loss prevention, risk management, and analytic solutions for retailers. We help retailers reduce risk and protect profits through a comprehensive suite of data management, analytic, and theft prevention solutions.


A new age of retail analytics

The ability to easily act upon big-data has finally arrived. By coupling data-science with modern web-based platforms, easy-to-use and easy-to-understand data is literally at your fingertips. Our unique data-assets, combined with yours, provides a foundation to deliver profound insights that allows retailers to pursue their most valuable and strategic opportunities.

What you don’t know can hurt you

With our team of data-scientists, massive quantities of retail-relevant data, and sophisticated machine-learning algorithms, you’ll quickly discover that not all analyses are created equal. With unique data comes unique insights—and we’ll help you get them—we find the most meaningful relationships between disparate data, remove the clutter, and connect the dots.

Investigate our solutions

 Analytics Services by Verisk Retail
Driving Retail Success with Advanced Analytics

 Industry-Leading Analytic Practices
Turn data into insight and insight into results.

Next-gen web-based analytics

 Aspect EliteLPTM
POS exception reporting

 APIS (Asset Protection Information System)
Incident and case management

Drive profits with fully-informed decisions

High-value insights fuel the decisions that create your competitive edge. We power those insights with predictive and prescriptive data modeling that can profoundly impact profits and reduce risk.

Some specific retail-relevant applications include:

  • Predictive Risk and Shrink Analytics
    Deliver store, associate, and item-level insights.
  • Advanced POS Analytics
    Detect fraud, mitigate risk, and maximize profits.
  • Real Estate Analysis
    Get location-based intelligence on crime, demographics, and customers.
  • Customer and Market Insights
    Understand wallet-share and media-spend impact.
  • Video and Image Analytics
    Add or augment data-sets with dynamically generated insights.
  • Foot-Traffic Analysis
    Detect human movement patterns for enhanced store planning.

Additional retail solutions

 IntelliCorp – Employment Screening
A leading nationwide supplier of background checks, employment screening services.

 CargoNet®– Theft Prevention and Recovery
Prevent cargo theft and improve recovery rates through secure and controlled information sharing.

 3E – Chemical, Regulatory, and Compliance
Solutions to help retailers comply with government-mandated health and safety (EH&S) requirements.

 Learn It Solutions – Training Solutions
Scalable training and training management systems using proven learning theory and innovative media technology.

Other Verisk businesses offer services that can help you manage your retail risk, including:

  • Claims analysis, reporting, and investigations
  • Driver risk management and screening services
  • Weather risk management
  • Medical claims reporting services
  • Employee healthcare risk management
  • Catastrophe modeling
  • Property and risk information