COVID-19 Updates and Resources


As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to evolve, Verisk is monitoring the situation closely, consulting our team of business and industry experts, and keeping a close watch on information from public health organizations. To help you navigate the challenges and impact of the outbreak, we’re providing these helpful resources.

Our commitment to our employees and customers during COVID-19

Verisk CEO Bloomberg TV Interview


Verisk CEO Bloomberg TV Interview

Watch Scott Stephenson talk with Alix Steel on Bloomberg TV about why leaders must embrace the complexity of COVID-19, and how the pandemic is triggering companies to become better digital versions of themselves.

PODCAST: How is COVID-19 Affecting Air Quality and Climate?

Season 1 Episode 6
Benjamin Brown-Steiner, Ph.D., a scientist with Atmospheric and Environmental Research at Verisk, puts the pandemic’s impact on air quality and climate into perspective.

Coronavirus Case Trajectories & Country Response Capacity

Updated daily, this interactive chart shows evolving country-level case trends and the proportion of reported deaths relative to reported cases since late-January in all countries affected by COVID-19.

However, case identification varies widely between countries due to under-reporting, shortfalls in testing capacity or selective testing policies. Evidence is also emerging that deaths in key hotspots have been radically under-reported. Aware of these caveats, we present this data as an approximate guide to country-level trends, particularly the rate of growth in cases.

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COVID-19 Projection Tool

Verisk’s COVID-19 Projection Tool is an interactive dashboard that provides COVID-19 infections and mortality projections globally at a country level. The tool, based on the simulated results from the AIR Pandemic Model, can be used to enhance understanding of what the next four weeks of the pandemic may look like.

For details on the modeling methods and assumptions used to create the projections within this tool or how to interpret the results, read our FAQ.

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Market Insights

Air Pandemic Model Projections

Why Projections from Pandemic Models Differ

There are many pandemic models today with different projections and numbers reported daily in the media. How can we know which models to trust? View Article >

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WEBINAR: The Truth is in the Data: Claims Insights during COVID-19

Regarding COVID-19’s impact on claims, opinions on severity, volume, and fraud are rampant; facts have been scarce. View Recorded Webinar >

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What investors want to know about energy and natural resources

The impact of COVID-19 on energy demand remains top of mind, but investors’ questions reveal a return to calm if not a return to “normal.” View Article >

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WEBINAR: How will the EU tackle the economic challenges ahead?

How Europe will be reshaped by the post-pandemic recovery? What are the risks and opportunities for investors as the recovery gets under way. View Recorded Webinar >

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COVID-19 and the Ups and Downs of Consumer Spending

Consumer spending cratered in mid-March, but recent data and analysis may indicate a slow but steady return to normal. View Report >

Verisk Business Continuity Program Overview