Our Value Proposition Lies at the Intersection of Strategy and Analytics

The insurance industry is in the midst of a revolution. Our unique capabilities enable us to deliver both strategy and analytics consulting to address our clients’ business needs from multiple perspectives.


Our Breadth of Focus Makes Us Versatile

We have broad expertise that addresses these ten themes impacting the insurance industry:


Our Depth Makes Us Credible

Being part of the Verisk family offers us depth that is hard to replicate.



As part of the Verisk family of companies, we are recognized for our impact on the insurance industry by leading third-party sources.

Forbes 2017 Most Innovative Companies

2016 Forbes Most Innovative Companies

2015 Forbes Most Innovative Companies




Risk & Analytics Summit highlights

The Verisk Risk & Analytics Summit brings together the best of the best in insurance risk management leadership, actuarial expertise, and predictive risk data analytics. View highlights from the 2018 Risk & Analytics Summit.



InsurTech is a capability, not a business type. Verisk COO Mark Anquillare speaks to how Verisk has been a pioneer in innovation over the past decades. InsurTech is about not only technological solutions, but also how your company can turn disruptive change into limitless opportunity.


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