IntelliCorp Announces Enhanced Pre-Adverse and Adverse Action Solution for Background Screening

BEACHWOOD, Ohio, April 16, 2019 — Intellicorp Records, Inc., a Verisk (Nasdaq:VRSK) business, announced today an enhanced solution for Pre-Adverse and Adverse Action notices, a required component of the background screening process under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and state and local legislation. IntelliCorp is an award-winning provider of background checks and employment screening services for businesses and nonprofit organizations.

The enhanced solution provides IntelliCorp customers with a method to facilitate and assist with the process of meeting steadily increasing and complex requirements imposed by federal, state, and local legislation. It also includes the appropriate notices in the required languages, copies of the reports, and the Summary of Consumer Rights. IntelliCorp’s solution is particularly important in some of the more stringent states, such as New York and California. Additionally, it is designed to be flexible and easily accommodate additional legislation that may be enacted in the future.

Organizations also receive additional benefits associated with using IntelliCorp’s enhanced Pre-Adverse and Adverse Action notice solutions. Letters can easily be emailed to applicants at no cost. Copies of the notices are saved in a convenient and centralized location within the client’s account. This makes it easy for the customer to be able to review the full communication and resend or print the notices should the need occur. There is also the option for organizations to print and mail the letters themselves or have IntelliCorp do so on their behalf.     

“The Pre-Adverse and Adverse Action notice process can be challenging for many organizations,” said Todd Carpenter, IntelliCorp president. “By integrating a solution for these requirements directly into the background screening solution, employers can benefit with a level of consistency and added layer of helping to meet their obligations under the various laws. It will also help organizations to streamline their process and reduce the complexity of federal, state, and local legislation.”

In addition to its enhanced Pre-Adverse and Adverse Action notice solutions, IntelliCorp provides value to clients through superior service, compliance, quality data, and secure technology solutions. To that end, IntelliCorp was named number one on HRO Today magazine’s 2018 Baker’s Dozen list of the nation’s top midsize-program screening providers and the leader in the Quality of Service category.

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Intellicorp Records, Inc., is a provider of comprehensive background checks and employment screening solutions for businesses and nonprofit organizations. A Verisk (Nasdaq:VRSK) business, IntelliCorp is accredited through the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS). Clients benefit from industry-leading data, easy-to-use services, personalized customer service, and training and compliance education. IntelliCorp’s customer-driven solutions and flexible system architecture allow for simple integration into multiple platforms. A robust operational framework and infrastructure of guiding principles and industry best practices demonstrate IntelliCorp’s steadfast commitment to compliance with federal and state requirements pertaining to background screening. For more information, please visit

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Todd R. Carpenter
President, IntelliCorp

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