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Verisk Coverage Verifier Auto now includes lapse information

By Visualize Editor  |  July 1, 2013

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Auto accident verification of previous coverageIn today’s competitive auto insurance market, it’s important to know all the potential risks before you write each policy. Lapses in insurance coverage are a good indicator of risk, so information about those lapses can enhance your rating process and improve underwriting accuracy. Verisk is pleased to announce that Coverage VerifierSM Auto — our system for delivering policy-level information to improve risk selection and pricing — now offers Coverage Lapse Detail. Coverage Lapse Detail lets you know when, and for how long, a potential policyholder has had a lapse in auto coverage. Available as a prefill service, the enhancement will help you deliver competitive quotes at point of sale. And if you already purchase Coverage Verifier, you’ll get Coverage Lapse Detail automatically.