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InsurTech and Innovation — Debunking the Myths


We are all hearing about how insurance needs to get better at joining up data and analytics, but how do you spot the real opportunities from the red herrings? This session helps you identify where real progress is being made, and where reality hasn't quite caught up with the hype.

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Matthew Grant

Matthew Grant
InsTech London

InsTech London Matthew spent over 25 years driving the growth in the use of catastrophe models worldwide. For the last five years, he has worked with the CEOs and executive teams of many of the best-known, and fastest-growing data and analytics companies servicing the insurance market. He provides strategic support for market definition, sales, marketing communication and investment. Matthew is the founder of Abernite and a partner with InsTech London, one of the leading InsurTech communities in Europe. He writes and speaks regularly on the topic of innovation in insurance and is the host of the weekly InsTech London podcast.

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