Verisk is InsurTech


Powering and developing innovations through
data, technology, and implementation.


InsurTech is a capability, not a business type.

Over the past decades, Verisk has funded great ideas from creative teams that have changed the industry: vast databases that reduce fraud through analytics, improved underwriting through innovative risk modeling, claims-handling solutions that have led to improved accuracy and vastly improved response times, faster and more precise underwriting, to name a few.

Innovation upon innovation.

Today, Verisk InsurTech includes a fleet of aircraft that ceaselessly collects data about structures throughout North America; it includes automated estimating, computer vision, new risk models, vast databases that provide critical insight through artificial intelligence, and much more.

Verisk is not only about leading InsurTech solutions, it’s also about the platforms you use to seamlessly and successfully integrate them into your workflow today—and as they come online.

It’s about the operational experience to make new tech work and grow with you. It’s about turning disruptive change into limitless opportunity.

Verisk is InsurTech.