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Vai Technology: Single Repository
The Mozart Form Composer integrates with insurer’s in-house or vendor applications, facilitating connections from Mozart to internal insurer systems and third-party vendor systems throughout the insurance policy life cycle. This capability allows Mozart clients to have a single repository of their policy language, minimizing the challenges many insurers face today around version control and out-of-date policy language by having copies of their forms and endorsements in multiple systems. Verisk Vai technology provides a number of key features, including the ability to download ISO forms individually or in bulk and perform custom searches for forms based on line of business, U.S. state or territory, and document text.




Vai helps you search items
Item Refine is a visually based item search engine that lets a user narrow criteria by searching by item attributes. Vai technology makes this possible with comprehensive industry data and advanced algorithms informed by local and emerging trends. This is especially helpful when the specific item is unknown at the outset.

For example, a user can pull up a generic line item (e.g., an interior door) and select the item attributes, such as type, material, function, style, and quality. Based on those attributes, Vai feeds Xactimate suggestions based on 30 years of property data gathered from all fifty states and Canada, then adds specific line items that are bundled with your initial selection (e.g., pre-hung interior door, hinges, jamb, stop, etc.). This helps reduces the amount of time needed to search the database for line items.

Item attributes are also available for contents items.




Vai suggests items before you search
This provides line item recommendations before the user searches. Vai creates these recommendations using predictive behavior based on pieces of data we collect automatically from the estimate, such as location, loss type, and room type. It then applies an algorithm using industry data to deliver a strong set of recommendations for specific line items.

For example, if the loss is categorized as water damage to the upstairs bathroom, Vai begins to suggest line items based on category, such as, flooring, drywall, electrical etc.


Xactimate and ClaimXperience


Vai Technology: Fence Estimating Chatbot
Fence damage estimates account for a high-percentage of residential losses and account for a substantial percentage of a claims staff’s time. The Fence Estimating Chatbot has a conversation with the customer, looks at photos, checks for fraud, calculates costs, and issues payment. Along the way, bit the Xactimate chatbot and the customer can call on help from a human.