Litigation Analytics

Conquer claims litigation challenges

Struggling to control rising legal spend?

Litigation costs—one of the top expenses for insurers—continue to rise, and carriers lack the data and insights needed to get it under control.

Contain costs and improve case outcomes

Get access to critical litigation insights to drive down costs and collaborate more effectively with counsel to improve case outcomes with Verisk’s Legal Case Manager.


Data insights enhance legal strategy

Data Insights Enhance Legal Strategy

Accessing critical data such as historical litigation outcomes and attorney performance metrics can be a game-changer for insurers. Legal Case Manager captures and organizes this data and turns it into actionable insights.

~90% of cases settle pre-trial, and settlement data isn’t publicly available

Legal Case Manager's innovative capabilities include:

Legal Case Management
  • Captures critical counsel information and converts it into structured data
  • Provides carriers with performance data for defense counsel
  • Alerts you and your counsel of key case updates and milestones, when documents have been shared, and when to re-evaluate your strategy

Four critical claims litigation challenges

Four Critical Claims

Four critical claims litigation challenges

Learn about the top issues affecting claims litigation and how innovative tools can help solve them.

90% of carriers rarely receive performance metrics from firms and attorneys

Get answers to critical questions such as:

Critical Questions
  • Who performs better, in-house counsel or outside counsel?
  • Which panel attorneys are the most successful negotiating off original demands?
  • Which panel attorneys have the fastest closure rate?

Powerful insights for better-informed decisions

Powerful Insights

Powerful insights for better-informed decisions

Discover how Legal Case Manager helps you develop the right legal strategy through seamless collaboration and powerful litigation insights.

Read about the latest claims litigation insights


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