Analytical and reporting tools for claims, underwriting, and service providers

XactAnalysis®, from ISO’s sister company Xactware, is a powerful set of analytical and reporting tools for insurance claims and underwriting departments. Contractors, independent claims adjusters, and other service providers can also benefit from integrating XactAnalysis into their workflow.

The XactAnalysis network

The XactAnalysis network is a communications system that lets insurers send assignments for property valuations and repair estimates to staff, independent adjusters, or contractors. The network automates the process, reports on progress, and speeds communication and customer service.


Powerful tracking features in XactAnalysis let you know:

  • when you made the assignment
  • when the staff member or service provider accepted the assignment
  • when you received the requested work
  • and much more

You also receive an alert if anyone involved fails to meet your company standards. For example, if company policy requires contacting all policyholders within 48 hours after receiving a claim notice, the XactAnalysis network will warn you when an assigned staff member or contractor doesn’t meet the deadline. The responsible person can also communicate the reason for a delay, such as a homeowner being out of town for a few days.


The network stores:

  • valuations
  • repair estimates
  • floor plans
  • photos
  • notes
  • audio files

All that information is invaluable when questions or disputes arise or when you’re auditing a file.


XactAnalysis provides a wide variety of analytical reports for the estimator and managers at all levels. Graphical reporting tools let you:

  • see averages in real time
  • track pending assignments
  • make comparisons
  • and much more

Custom report options let you tailor the reports to fit your needs.

Audit tools

XactAnalysis inspection algorithms detect possible estimating errors to help your quality-assurance team focus on areas where they’re needed most.

For extra power in your auditing and reviewing processes, XactAnalysis offers an optional module that acts as a third-party auditing team. XactAnalysis QR (Quality Review) is an elite auditing program designed to let reinspection teams work without interrupting the standard claims and inspection workflow.

Security and dependability

The XactAnalysis network protects your data with the same online security used by major banks. A sophisticated backup system ensures that your data is always safe.

Since its inception in 1995, the XactAnalysis network has maintained 99.9 percent availability, including scheduled maintenance. The XactAnalysis network is always on — 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In the unlikely event of a disaster affecting the main data center, the network would automatically switch to a separate, highly secure location.

And Xactware invests heavily in capacity, so the system is always ready to handle sudden spikes in volume after a catastrophe. That investment paid off for Xactware customers after the record-breaking hurricane season of 2005. Although volume almost doubled for several months, the XactAnalysis network experienced no downtime, slowdowns, or other decreased functionality.

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