wcCapture Testimonials

Matt Carey — Assistant Director, Rhode Island Department of Labor & Training, Division of Workers' Compensation

“We considered building a system. In fact, we have one that’s partially built for EDI, but it just wasn’t going to get the job done. We also wouldn’t have had the expertise or time to put into a project of this magnitude. I figured a vendor would come in and give us a hand at getting the project off the ground, but ISO has gone above and beyond. ISO undoubtedly turned out to be the best option, exceeding all expectations.

We are currently in implementation as our state moves from paper to EDI Release 3. To date, the implementation process has gone smoothly, and our project plan is right on target. I’ve had past personal experience with the folks from ISO Workers' Comp Solutions before this project, and they have always done an exceptional job with whatever we’ve asked them to do. This time around was no different. The expertise of ISO staff is simply outstanding.”

Mike Monagle – Director, Alaska Department of Labor

“Obviously, with state budgets as tight as they are, the cost of an EDI project was a major consideration. We initiated in-house development several years ago, but came to the conclusion that we did not have the necessary resources to build an EDI processing system. We also investigated a commercial off-the-shelf solution, but were unable to find one.

We began our search for a vendor experienced in developing EDI processing to IAIABC standards, who could provide expert assistance in developing data element requirements, event tables, and edit/error matrices, and who could take the lead certifying, testing, and training trading partners. ISO has exceeded our expectations every step of the way. Our implementation process has been very positive. The ISO team is very knowledgeable, responsive, communicates well, and has met all project plan deadlines.

We chose ISO for a number of reasons, including its long-standing relationship with IAIABC, its EDI work with several state workers' compensation commissions, and price.”

Paul Baitinger — Assistant CIO / Application Development Manager, Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission

“The biggest factors in selecting ISO as our EDI services vendor were experience, cost, support, and data quality. The ISO staff we work with really knows workers' compensation inside and out, and I would rate them as experts. ISO had the right experience, the ability to support issues quickly, and a proven track record in terms of reporting tools and data quality.

In speaking with other jurisdictions, we heard that the data quality ISO provided was excellent. During the proposal process, I was very impressed with how the ISO staff explained what types of data they were checking and what measures they would take to ensure they were capturing and sending us good quality EDI data. Since the previous vendor didn’t have the same checks in place as ISO, the biggest challenge we faced when transitioning from our previous vendor to ISO was importing our historical EDI claim data into ISO’s system. As a result, minor issues/anomalies arose when we first converted over, but we were able to work through each issue quickly with the help of ISO’s knowledgeable staff. In fact, ISO was able to implement further data quality checks quickly and accurately through their proven SDLC process.”

Larry White — Deputy Director, Louisiana Workforce Commission

“Our initial reasoning behind selecting a vendor was simple —it was more economical outsourcing with a vendor than trying to do it with our current in-house IT staff. ISO made this choice even simpler. Not only was ISO’s bid the most affordable, but ISO’s product was superior overall.

Our paper transaction collected limited data compared with what EDI Release 3 offers. With the help of ISO, the transition from paper to EDI Release 3 — despite its complexity — was virtually seamless. We were looking for a vendor to assist and educate us through this process. The service and expertise of ISO is exactly what we had hoped for. They’ve bent over backwards to help us along the way.”