wcAnalyzer Medical Cube | Analytics for States

Advanced analytics for workers' comp medical data

Analyze workers' comp medical bill details to uncover cost drivers and industry trends.

You can use the wcAnalyzer Medical Cube to measure medical benefit payments in your state and identify specific procedure, drug, and provider cost drivers to guide legislative change.

Medical Data Cube screenshot - click to enlarge

What the wcAnalyzer Medical Cube can tell you

  • average costs by procedure type, place of medical service, drug type, and more
  • total benefits paid versus the average amounts charged by provider
  • drug frequencies and trends by cost and units prescribed
  • which providers are seeing the majority of claimants in your state and why


  • measures medical payments as compared to state fee schedules
  • identifies service and payment trends by procedure type
  • groups clinical diagnosis and procedures for detailed analysis
  • identifies providers with specific diagnosis and procedure trends
  • increases awareness of prescription drug costs and trends