wcAnalyzer Medical Cube | Analytics for Carriers

Advanced analytics for workers' comp medical data

Get a better understanding of medical costs and claim leakage

The wcAnalyzer Medical Data Cube facilitates the understanding of medical costs and claim leakage by giving you the ability to view and mine your data in real time to uncover diagnosis, procedure, and prescription trends across the doctors providing treatment, the places of service where treatment occurs, and other medical related data sets.

Medical Data Cube screenshot - click to enlarge

What the wcAnalyzer Medical Cube can tell you

  • average costs by procedure type, place of medical service, drug type, and more
  • total amount paid versus the amount charged by provider
  • which providers are seeing the majority of your claimants and why


  • understanding of provider trends to help narrow down your preferred network of providers
  • increased accuracy in setting reserves
  • understanding of medical payment cost allocation and why
  • identification of providers that typically charge more than others
  • increased awareness of prescription drug costs that are assigned more than others and the impact of return-to-work planning