wcAnalyzer Compliance Cube | Analytics for States

Advanced analytics for workers' comp compliance data

Analyze carrier compliance performance and respond to legislative requests in real time

You can use the wcAnalyzer Compliance Cube to evaluate the reporting and compliance performance of carriers writing business in your jurisdiction and identify areas of concern.

What the wcAnalyzer Compliance Cube can tell you

  • whether FROI/SROI reports are being submitted on time
  • what reports are missing
  • certain elements that are consistently reported blank or in error
    that are causing rejections
  • reports that a carrier typically has trouble creating and submitting
    and the reasons why
  • the frequency of errors and how timely the carrier fixes them


  • monitor carrier compliance reporting
  • monitor TPA productivity and accuracy in compliance reporting
  • uncover discrepancies between the data elements being captured and those required for reporting
  • examine the effects of, or the need for, revisions to your data-editing routines
  • respond to legislative requests in real time without the need for significant programming