wcAnalyzer Compliance Cube | Analytics for Carriers

Advanced analytics for workers' comp compliance data

Spot the areas you struggle with and grade your performance to see how well you are meeting your compliance obligations.

You can use the wcAnalyzer Compliance Cube to evaluate your reporting and compliance performance on a state-by-state basis, identify areas of concern, and help avoid potential noncompliance fines.

What the wcAnalyzer Compliance Cube can tell you

  • whether FROI/SROI reports are being submitted on time
  • what reports are missing
  • how well each claims administration office is doing comparatively to the rest
  • certain elements that are consistently reported blank or in error that are causing rejections
  • reports that you're typically having trouble creating and submitting and the reasons why
  • the frequency of errors and how timely you fix them


  • monitor compliance reporting as a group and by region or office
  • monitor TPA productivity and accuracy in compliance reporting
  • identify where issues lie to create business efficiencies or consolidate processes
  • uncover discrepancies between the data elements you capture and those required for reporting