wcAnalyzer Claims Data Cube | Analytics for States

Advanced Analytics for Workers' Comp Claims Data

Analyze loss trends to more clearly understand workers' comp issues in your state and provide insights that can positively affect legislative change

You can use the wcAnalyzer Claims Data Cube for claims data analytics to help produce state annual reports, uncover business trends, and make adjustments to state workers' comp programs based on qualitative research and analysis.

Compliance Data Cube screenshot - click to enlarge

What the wcAnalyzer Claims Data Cube can tell you

  • average cost per claim by industry, occupation, injury type, and body part
  • annual, quarterly, monthly, and daily claim and dollar counts by geography within your state
  • the leading causes of injury and body parts affected by benefits paid
  • average durations of disability by injury type and body party affected —how long injured workers are out


  • easily produce state annual workers' comp reports
  • provide instant results to legislative industry questions
  • understand cost and claim trends within your state
  • modify or create workers' comp programs based on qualitative data analytics