Getting more from EDI reporting

The Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) workers’ compensation reporting process entails the transmission of a vast amount of information, including detailed first reports of injury (FROI) and subsequent reports of injury (SROI) claims and medical billing data. Verisk has a solution that can help states and insurers get more from their compliance efforts.

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Insightful analytics for states’ and insurers’ EDI reporting data with wcAnalyzer™

wcAnalyzer™ is a workers’ compensation analytics system that provides states and insurers with the means to turn untapped data into actionable insights. This EDI analytic tool is available for both wcCapture™ and wcPrism® users.

The solution offers these tools for insurers:

  • Compliance Cube — Evaluates EDI data reporting and compliance performance state-by-state, identifies concerns, and helps avoid noncompliance fines
  • Claims Data Cube — Helps you understand claim trends across classes of business and over time to manage your book
  • Medical Data Cube — Provides insights on medical costs and claim leakage by uncovering diagnosis, procedure, and prescription trends across multiple medical-related data sets

wcAnalyzer offers states:

  • Compliance Cube — Evaluates the EDI data reporting and compliance performance of all insurers writing business in their jurisdiction to identify areas of concern
  • Claims Data Cube for claims data analytics — Produces state annual reports to help uncover business trends and adjust state workers’ compensation programs based on qualitative research and analysis
  • Medical Data Cube — Measures medical benefit payments by state and identifies specific procedure, drug, and provider cost drivers to guide legislative change

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