Is disjointed data hurting your bottom line?

Address the challenges of poor data quality and unreliable data management to enhance your company’s future.

41% of top-performing companies say data and analytics leadership is a top strategic priority.1

But 84% of those top-performing companies are concerned about the quality of their data.2

80% of insurers say regulatory change implementation is the most challenging part of their job.3

50% to 80% is the amount of time insurer data scientists spend on data preparation.4


The Pain and Potential of Data Management

Being a data-driven company is a key to success in the P&C insurance industry. Tune into our webinar to learn about the critical role of data management and how you can manage—and profit—from your data.

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Product Spotlight

Learn why it’s important to be data driven. Leverage your own data for business intelligence and fuel your innovation for AI, IoT, and machine-learning products.


Does your organization face these data challenges?

Does your organization spend too much time untangling and managing data from diverse sources? Wouldn’t you rather focus on profitable growth opportunities and enhancing the customer experience? Verisk offers the expertise and strategic focus to help you streamline data management and increase confidence in your data.

Common data challenges often include:

  • Long lead times to adapt IT systems to changing strategies
  • Disparate data sources of varying reliability
  • Overly laborious processes that lead to inefficiencies
  • Siloed data systems that prevent truly unified operations
  • Rapidly changing regulations

Data management solutions

Verisk has combined the science of data management with 50 years of experience in insurance data management to create a methodology that seamlessly collects, stores, cleanses, manages, and enriches your data. We help solve difficult data management issues, offer secure warehousing, and provide analytics that can empower you to do more with your data. Get customized, cost-effective solutions that can:

Consolidate and validate your data and streamline your workflow

Securely warehouse data on-site, at Verisk, or in the cloud

Integrate transaction data across systems while analyzing, improving, and enhancing your data

Provide easy access to data, business intel, and custom reports

Modernize data with scalable infrastructure and build an enterprise view of your business

Leverage a robust, insurance-specific data model and establish data model environments and data lake resolutions

Verisk's data management process

Verisk’s deep domain expertise and InsurTech capabilities help streamline data management and improve data quality.

harmonizing data

Verisk can help you harmonize, standardize, and manage data across your organization to help drive growth. 

Services include:

  • Collection of data directly from your system
  • Integrated data assets for analytics
  • Safe and secure data stream
  • Platform and technology options
  • Standard and customizable dashboards with drill-down and drill-through capabilities
  • Drag-and-drop interface and web portal

Data Manage_Panel-5_Icon_v1-02.png

Verisk doesn’t just manage your data—we enrich and cleanse it to make it more powerful and useful to you.

Services include:

  • Analysis, enrichment, and online analytical processing
  • Data-quality checks in support of downstream reporting
  • Constraint validation and verification of data sources and systems
  • Scrubbing extraneous material; geocoding
  • Addition of pertinent data from other sources
  • Architecture and infrastructure consulting
  • Modeling, metadata, and visualization strategies

Data Manage_Panel-5_Icon_v1-03.png

Verisk stores your data in a secure environment—at your location or ours—with confidentiality, accuracy, and fast turnaround service.

Services include:

  • Single, consistent model for your insurance data
  • Data visualization and reporting
  • Cross-functional analytical tools for ad hoc reporting
  • Rapid data retrieval; subsecond response time
  • Integrated repository allowing easy querying
  • Analytics that cross business lines and geographies

Data Manage_Panel-5_Icon_v2-01.png

Case study: Insurer optimizes data management

A national commercial insurer recognized the need to integrate data from legacy mainframe systems with data from modern policy and claims admin systems, but it lacked the expertise, technology, and capacity to execute its vision. Verisk's Data Management Services helped the insurer transform a traditional process to a new architecture and achieve access-reporting services on demand. The insurer saved on operating costs, optimized its technology footprint, and experienced continuity of high-quality regulatory reporting services.

Discover Verisk’s data solutions

Our Data Management Services are complemented by a full suite of data solutions that can help solve statistical challenges and navigate compliance issues as you discover—and exploit—the full value of your data. See our other solutions below.

ISO Preferred Data Partnership

The ISO Preferred Data Partnership offers a better way to report your statistical data.

ISO Statistical Services

ISO Statistical Services can help you navigate today’s compliance challenges.

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