Stay ahead of the competition with analysis of comparative intermediary pricing

Knowing your competitors, understanding how different variables are incorporated into pricing, and keeping abreast of the latest rate movements are all essential to creating new insurance products.

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Discover where to modify rates to optimise profitability

Premium Insight is a price analysis tool that provides insurers with the latest comparative insurance product rates for:

  • Household
  • Private Car
  • Motorcycle
  • Commercial Vehicle

The latest rates across a wide spectrum of products

Know how competitive your premiums are for business you may have missed out on, business newly acquired, upcoming renewals, and recently lapsed policies.




Almost limitless benchmarking opportunities

You can import the risk details of your customers or millions of theoretical risk profiles into the program and benchmark your position against the average of the cheapest five products in the market or any other subset using your own defined parameters.

Easily build and maintain complex products

Build products and test their viability before they’re launched via an optional integration model. Track movements in the average market price per month to ensure your product remains competitive.



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